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Meet Preston

As a first-generation American born in Erie, Pennsylvania, Preston began working as a teenager to help support his family's small business. 

After graduation from Fairview High School, Preston attended the University of Pittsburgh and worked serving tables and in other jobs while pursuing a career in public service. As a student, Preston worked with the Pittsburgh Department of City Planning’s Americans with Disabilities Act Office, the Erie County District Attorney’s office, and the Muslim Public Affairs Council, where he completed a public policy fellowship. 

Since graduating from Pitt, Preston has worked for the U.S. House of Representatives, the Department of State, Partnership for a Secure America, and currently works in International Affairs and Defense policymaking. This trajectory – and in just a few years – has informed much of Preston’s federal policy, provided context and tactical information, and given Preston key insight into understanding how to directly impact the communities of the 16th District.

Preston is involved in the community in several ways, both as a small-business operator and volunteer. Preston founded and runs Lawrence Park and Go, a small convenience store in Lawrence Park, Erie, which served as an essential business throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. He also participates in community outreach and service with the Community Outreach Group, and has helped support the various efforts of service on which the group focuses.

For high-quality photos of Preston, you can click here.

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