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Preston's plan for PA


  • Champion the democratization of opportunities through trade and vocational programs, fostering a skilled workforce ready for the future.

  • Advocate for robust public education funding, including after-school programs and supplies for classrooms, to ensure every child has access to quality education and teachers are not burdened with the cost.

  • Establish universal meals for all public school students as hunger should never be a barrier to learning.

  • Strengthen community college infrastructure and promote a more streamlined transfer system, making higher education more accessible and affordable for all.

  • Expand and establish apprenticeship programs for trade and union work, creating pathways to stable, well-paying jobs.

  • Attract and bolster jobs in renewable energy resources, industries and other institutions, fostering sustainable economic growth for generations to come.

  • Create federal contracting opportunities for local residents, ensuring that our economic growth benefits everyone.

  • Tackle inflation by holding corporations accountable and ending price-gouging, affirming that a fair economy is a strong economy.

  • Craft effective foreign policy to restore America’s standing in the world, promoting diplomacy and international cooperation.

  • Audit budgets of governmental services to maximize efficiency to ensure taxpayer dollars are used wisely and executing the audit recommendations that save taxpayer dollars.

Fair taxation and economic justice
  • Advocate for a fair tax system that ensures corporations and the wealthy pay their fair share, reducing the burden on working families.

  • Champion campaign finance reform to reduce the influence of big money in politics and ensure that every voice is heard.

infrastructure and green economy
  • Invest in green infrastructure to upgrade our water and sewer systems, create jobs, and save money, because a green economy is an economy of the future.

  • Ensure that broadband internet is available to all Pennsylvanians, recognizing that connectivity is key to economic opportunity.

  • Invest in and update our roads and bridges, repair and expand public transit systems, and create more options where public transit is not available.

  • Advocate for fair market standards for prescription medication through negotiations between Medicare and industry partners.

  • Champion affordable healthcare options for self-employed individuals and small businesses, affirming that healthcare is a right, not a privilege.

  • Increase mental health services across the board, recognizing that mental health is integral to overall health.

  • Develop comprehensive healthcare, mental healthcare, and civil services for veterans.

  • Boost training programs for sustainable employment upon return from duty, providing veterans with opportunities to thrive in civilian life.

  • Address the emerging major housing and food insecurities for service members.

  • Protect ecosystems like Presque Isle and the Lake Erie Watershed to protect the health of our future generations and to help foster a growing tourism industry.

  • Regulate the use of “forever chemicals” – like PFAS – to protect our drinking water and everyday items.

  • Ensure clean air and water for Pennsylvanians that has been enshrined in the Commonwealth’s Constitution

  • Mitigate carbon's impact on the environment to account for serious weather emergencies.

democracy and civil rights
  • Support and enhance protections for women, LGBTQ+ folks, and marginalized communities, because everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.

  • Work to end partisan gerrymandering and make voting easier for Pennsylvanians, because a vibrant democracy requires fair representation and easy access to the ballot box.

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