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Folks at home deserve to have their back covered in Washington D.C.


 It's time to deliver real
results for students and working families. 

It's time To elect preston nouri to represent Pennsylvania's 16th congressional district.

Preston was born and raised by his loving family in Erie, Pennsylvania. His long-standing commitment to hard work, community service, and public policy led him to work for nonprofits and government agencies to ensure the national security and safety of Pennsylvanians – and Americans everywhere. 

Learn more about where Preston stands on the issues.

“Erie is my home, and I want to take care of my home and all communities across Western Pennsylvania. For too long, our region has been left behind by politicians who focus on padding their own pockets and working for the special interests. Seeing the lack of leadership in Congress for our communities made me decide to step up and run for Congress. If elected, I will work tirelessly to ensure good public education, opportunities to expand career opportunities and skill sets through technical programs and apprenticeships, and comprehensive and accessible health care."
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- Preston Nouri

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